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Understand the Media Coverage & Notable Mentions for Greentick

Understand the media coverage and notable mentions for Greentick badge in official WhatsApp account.

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Why the Media coverage and Notable mentions are important?

Media coverage and notable mentions can be an important factor in determining a business's eligibility for the WhatsApp API Green Tick. This means that a business must have been featured in a reputable publication or have a high number of followers on social media to qualify.

For WhatsApp API, media coverage and notable mentions are particularly important as they serve as a way to establish a business's credibility and reputation. The Green Tick is designed to help businesses stand out and gain the trust of potential customers, and media coverage can be a key factor in achieving this.

Examples of media coverage that may be considered notable include:

You need to ensure a few things here: 

  • The brand name should exactly match the name of your WhatsApp Business API account.
  • Your own blog posts, Linkedin posts, Facebook posts, and Instagram posts etc are not accepted.
  • YouTube links to news on TV about you are accepted.
  • Paper clipping even in a non-English language are accepted.
  • Being recognized by reputable awards or rankings within the industry.

On the other hand, businesses that have only been mentioned in low-quality or spammy websites may not be considered notable and may not be eligible for the Green Tick. It is important to note that media coverage alone does not guarantee eligibility for the Green Tick, as businesses must also meet other criteria such as implementing the WhatsApp Business Platform and completing Meta business verification.

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Understand the Media Coverage & Notable Mentions for Greentick

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