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How to Create Teams

Learn how Teams can direct your customer chats to the right agents and teams.

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When a chat appears on your Queue, you also have the option to assign the chat to the team. A chat that is assigned to a team is visible to all the agents in that team and any agent can jump into the conversation to help your customer.

Teams Queue

We will show you how you can create a team to manage your customer's chats better. To do this, go to Organisation settings, then click on Teams and then Click on Add New Team. Give your team a name and description that helps everyone to understand the purpose of the team. Keep the Availability as Available itself. Now you need to add agents to this team. Click on add members to do so. Now click on Save and your team will be created. Any chat assigned to this team now will be visible to all the agents added to this team. You can see your complete Team list here.

Organisation settings

You can edit the Availability and members in any team by either clicking on it like this or clicking on the edit button here. Alternatively, you can also turn the availability on and off from here. This number here shows the number of agents in this team.

edit the Availability
How to Create Teams

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