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Understand Order Confirmation (Pay Later Solutions) Flow

Understand how to setup order confirmation (pay later solutions) playbooks flow in the FlowHippo dashboard.

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With the rise of e-commerce, the demand for convenient and flexible payment options has increased. Customers want to be able to pay for their purchases when it's most convenient for them. 64% of customers consider the Order Confirmation message the most valuable notification. Even though order confirmation messages are transactional messages, they fulfill an essential psychological need - the need for reassurance. It assures the customer that you have received the order and settles their anxiety. Additionally,

→ It provides customers with a record of their purchase: Order confirmation messages serve as a receipt for the customer and can help them keep track of their purchases. 

→ It helps to reduce confusion: Order confirmation messages can help to clarify any confusion the customer may have about their order, such as the items they purchased, the price, and the shipping details.

→ It builds trust: By sending order confirmation messages, ecommerce merchants can demonstrate that they are reliable and trustworthy, which can help to build customer loyalty.

→ It can help to reduce customer service inquiries: Order confirmation messages can provide customers with all of the information they need about their order, which can help to reduce the number of customer service inquiries the merchant receives.

→ It can help to improve the customer experience: Order confirmation messages can help to make the purchasing process more convenient for customers, which can improve their overall experience with the merchant.

FlowHippo Flow is a tool that allows you to offer your customers the option to pay later, by automating the order confirmation process. In this article, we will explore the steps to set up FlowHippo Flow for order confirmation - pay later solutions, and the benefits of using FlowHippo Flow for your business.


By using FlowHippo Flow for order confirmation and pay later solutions, you can achieve several benefits for your business, including:

  • Increased customer satisfaction: FlowHippo Flow gives your customers the flexibility to pay for their orders when it's most convenient for them. This can lead to higher customer satisfaction and loyalty.
  • Improved efficiency: FlowHippo Flow automates the order confirmation process, saving you time and effort. This means that you and your team can focus on other tasks that require your attention.
  • Easy management of sales pipeline: FlowHippo Flow integrates seamlessly with the rest of your sales pipeline, making it easy to track and manage your sales.
  • Cost savings: FlowHippo Flow is an affordable solution for automating the order confirmation process and offering pay later options. This can save you money compared to hiring additional staff to handle these tasks.


  • This flow sends a notification to customers automatically after they place an order with a pay-later option.
  • The order information is first evaluated against the OR condition that was added in the "Condition" node. If the pay later solution selected by the customer matches the condition, the flow will proceed to the next step.
  • The flow works for all orders placed on any channel - website, POS or in-store - as long as they are using Shopify.
  • The notification includes details about the order and the pay-later solution used.


To set up the order confirmation and pay later flow:

1. Login to your FlowHippo Account.

2. Go to Playbooks.

3. Search for “Pay Later” and click on the Order Confirmation (Pay Later Solutions) flow.

4. Click on Use this Playbooks.

5. Click on Edit to open the flow structure.

6. Click on Condition node to see the Pay Later solutions added. You will have to add the names of the pay later solutions you provide as an OR condition here.

For example, if you offer Amazon Pay Later and Simpl as pay later options, the OR condition in the "Condition" node would look something like this:

Value "gateway" "COD" OR
Value "gateway" "Simpl" OR
Value "gateway" "Amazon pay later"

This condition checks if the customer has selected either Amazon Pay Later or Simpl, or COD as their pay later solution. If either of these options are selected, the flow will proceed accordingly and the order confirmation pay later process will be initiated.

7. Once done, click on Save & Close to save your changes.

8. Finally, save the flow and click on Publish to enable the flow.

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Understand Order Confirmation (Pay Later Solutions) Flow

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