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Uploading New Contacts / Importing Contacts

Learn how to add new contacts on Zoko

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The easiest way to add contacts is from the Chat screen itself. If you click on the Contact button here, you will be directly taken to the page where you can add a contact. If you want to add contacts one by one, you can use the single contact approach and fill in all the customer's details here. You also have option to add tags on contacts. In our case, we'll add the tag "Premium Customer" and "Modern Chair Lover". Click on Create and the new contact will be created.


If you want to upload contacts in bulk, click on the "Multiple" option and download the Xlsx file from here. Ensure that you use the downloaded file only to add all contacts in the right format. Fill out all of the information in the downloaded file and save it. (You can watch a video on how to fill in the details in the excel. Watch between 0.54-1.53).

Remember that the columns indicated in the sample file must be filled in exactly as they are. If no information has to be entered, leave the cells in that column blank.

download the Xlsx file

Save the Xlsx file and then click on Upload button to upload it.

Note: Once you upload this data, the following will happen: 

-     Tags in the file will be appended. That is, existing tags will not be removed.

-     If you are adding only tags to an existing contact, the name and profile Image will be replaced with whatever you have entered in these fields.

-     If you do not want them replaced, leave those fields empty. Duplicate tags will be ignored.

Upload button

If you missed a contact in an xlsx file and want to add it to this list, click the Add New Line button and then fill in the contact's details. When you click Create, all of your contacts will be created.

Add New Line

You can see all of your contact lists from this page. By clicking on the three dots here, you can modify your contacts. You can also go directly to this contact's conversation by clicking the "Go to Chat" button.

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Uploading New Contacts / Importing Contacts

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