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How to Get Your Tiers Upgraded

Learn how to get your tiers upgraded on Zoko.

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You are automatically upgraded to a higher tier based on the volume and quality of the messages you send. The key criteria for upgrading to the next tier include maintaining a high quality rating and reaching a cumulative number of unique users within a 7-day window. Zoko has no control over this; it is entirely managed by WhatsApp. 

To initiate an upgrade, three key factors must be considered:

1. Account status: Ensure your WhatsApp number is connected.

2. Quality Rating: Ensure your business maintains a quality rating that is not classified as low.

3. Message Volume: Reach a cumulative number of unique customers that is twice your current messaging limit within a 7-day period. 

Understanding Messaging Limits:

Understanding messaging limits is crucial for the tier upgrade process. Limits are determined by factors such as phone number status, quality rating, and the frequency of initiating conversations with unique users. Business phone numbers with a connected status and approved display name can initiate conversations with the following number of unique users in a rolling 24-hour period:

  • 250 unique customers (only for Unverified business trial tier)
  • 1K unique customers
  • 10K unique customers
  • 100K unique customers
  • An unlimited number of unique customers

Examples of Limit Increases

Send 2 times the number of messages allotted in your current daily limit within the last 7 days.

Let's consider: If you're in tier 1 with a limit of 1,000 unique users per 24 hours and you send messages to more than 2,000 users in 7 days with a high quality rating, you will be automatically upgraded to tier 2. In tier 2, you can send messages to up to 10,000 unique users per 24 hours. The upgrade process takes at least 48 hours.

Decreasing Your Limit

Initiating conversations when your quality rating is flagged or blocked by many users for the last 7 days can lead to an immediate decrease in your messaging limit. If your account is flagged/blocked, refer to our article on Understanding Quality Ratings to know what can be done.

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How to Get Your Tiers Upgraded

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