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How to get your Tiers upgraded

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You are automatically upgraded to a higher tier based on the volume and quality of the messages you send. Conversely, you can be downgraded if more of your messages are reported by users.

A business’s phone number is upgraded to the next tier if:

  • Its quality rating is NOT low
  • The cumulative amount of users it sends notifications to adds up to twice its current messaging limit within a 7-day period.

That means to upgrade to the next Tier, within a 7 day window, you need to send messages to twice the number of unique customers as your current Tier limits. For example, if you are on Tier 1 (1k messages in a 24hr rolling window), you need to send template or notification messages to 2000 unique numbers within 7 days (this can also be achieved in 2 days). 

Once this volume has been sent, WhatsApp automatically upgrades your Tier within 48 hours.

The image below shows the fastest a business can upgrade to Tier 3. 


There is a possibility that WhatsApp may flag your account if a lot of your customers block or report you. If your account is flagged, refer our article on Understanding Quality Ratings to know what can be done.

How to get your Tiers upgraded

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