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How to Set up USD Billing on Zoko

Learn how to set-up your billing correctly to ensure uninterrupted service.

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To begin using Zoko and start chatting with your customers, you must first set up the billing. You will need to make the payment for your Zoko subscription and also top-up the wallet. The Wallet funds will be used for templates, broadcasts, and Zoko subscriptions.

To set-up billing:

1. Go to Settings.

Articles - Settings

2. Click on Setup Billing.

set-up billing

3. Select a monthly or yearly zoko subscription plan based on your requirement. Refer to our article - Compare your plan.

set-up billing plan

4. Select the amount you want to add to your wallet.

add to your wallet

5. Turn on the Auto top-up and you can mention the minimum and maximum amount. In our case, we have set the wallet balance to not fall below $10. We have set the auto top condition to "recharge automatically" by $100 when the balance goes below $10. The wallet will be immediately recharged once the amount drops below $10.

mention the minimum and maximum amount

6. Click on Continue to Payment.

Continue to Payment

7. Enter your payment details here and also read our terms and conditions before continuing.

terms and conditions

8. Click on Continue to review.

Continue to review

9. Fill in all the required details in the Invoice information.

Invoice information

10. Click on Save Changes.

Save Changes

11. Review the order summary.

Note: If you want to alter anything in the information, you can click on Edit.


12. Click on Confirm and order.

Confirm and order

That’s it! Your billing has been successfully set up.

13. You can see the Invoice history on your dashboard by scrolling down.

Invoice history

14. You also have the option to download the billing invoice by clicking on Download button.

Download button

If you are unable to set up the billing or if you face any issue, please contact us via email at contact@zoko.io or via Whatsapp at wa.me/919586538447. We will be happy to assist you.

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How to Set up USD Billing on Zoko

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