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Broadcasts by Tags

Learn how you can broadcast a message to a group of customers by using the customer tag.

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One of the most significant advantages of broadcast is the ability to effortlessly send broadcasts to customers using tags.

For example, if you add tags to 100 customers on the dashboard, such as "potential_customer," all 100 customers with the tag “potential_customer” will be selected when you add that tag in the broadcast and you will be able to send the broadcast message to them.

To do this:

1. Go to Apps.

2. Select Broadcast.

3. Click on New Broadcast.

4. The broadcast name is generated based on the date and time of creation of the broadcast. You can change it to a name of your preference.

broadcast name

5. Select the language of the template from the dropdown menu.


6. Depending on the language that you selected, the templates will be listed below. You can select any template that you want to send. Refer to our article on How to create a template.

templates lists

7. Click on Add recipients.

Add recipients

8. Under “Send to” click on Add recipients.

Add recipients

9. You can search for the tags of the customers to whom you want to send the broadcast message to.


10. Click on Add variables.

Add variables

11. Fill all the required details in the variables

details in the variables

12. Lastly, as per your requirement, if you want to send the broadcast instantly, click on Send now or if you want to send it later, click on Schedule.

click on Schedule

That's it, your broadcast has been successfully created and sent. You can check the latest statistics of the broadcast by referring to our article on How to get the latest broadcast data.

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Broadcasts by Tags

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