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How is WhatsApp Catalog Compliance Information Displayed on your Profile?

Understanding catalog compliance information and how users can view it on WhatsApp.

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Importance of Compliance Information

Compliance information includes details that ensure the business adheres to legal and regulatory standards. This could encompass information on product authenticity, business details, and grievance officer details. Displaying this information prominently helps build trust with customers and ensures transparency in business operations.

For Indian users, compliance information is integrated into the business profile to ensure that businesses adhere to commerce laws in India. This information will be publicly displayed in the WhatsApp catalog section. Non-Indian users purchasing products will also be able to see this compliance information, promoting transparency across all customer interactions.

For non-Indian users, compliance information specific to Indian regulations is not required and, hence, will not be visible on their WhatsApp.

How Compliance Information is Displayed

When your users navigate to the chat tab and visit a business’s profile on WhatsApp, they can see detailed information about the business. This section includes the business name, address, email, and website.

To see the Compliance information:

For Android Device

- Tap the three dots in the top right corner

- Click on More information to access the Compliance Information.

For IOS Device

- Click on Business Details to access the Compliance Information.

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How is WhatsApp Catalog Compliance Information Displayed on your Profile?

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