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How to Manage Spam Chats and Assign them to Dummy Agent

Learn how to effectively deal with spam chats on Zoko by tagging them as "SPAM" and automate the process of assigning these chats to a dummy agent.

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You cannot block chats due to restrictions from META. If you are receiving numerous spam messages and you want to prevent these chats from being assigned to your team, there is a simple but effective way to manage these customers. Simply create a dummy agent, add a "SPAM" tag, assign these chats to the dummy agent, and set up an automation rule to ensure your team does not get assigned these chats.

Before you tag spam customers, it's essential to identify them. Look for common characteristics such as unsolicited messages, repetitive queries, or suspicious activity. This initial step is crucial for determining who should be tagged as spam.

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to implement this:

Adding SPAM tag:

1. Select the customer whose messages you've identified as spam.

Within the chat, go to the Tags section.

2. Click on Add New and click on Create New Tag.

3. Type the tag name as SPAM and click on Add Tag(s).

Now that you've labelled spam customers with the SPAM tag, it's time to automate the process of assigning these chats to a dummy agent. This ensures that all further messages from these customers are automatically directed to the dummy agent. 

Before you proceed with automation, ensure that you have already created a dummy agent within your Zoko dashboard. Refer to our article on How to Create Agents.

Setting up Automation Rule:

1. Go to Apps, type Rules in the search field and select Rules.

2. Under Priority Rules, create a new rule by clicking on New Rule.

3. Fill in the rule details so that your team can easily identify its purpose, and then tick all in the channel. In our case, we set the rule's name as “Spam chats rule” and the description as “Spam chats will be assigned to a spam agent.

4. Add a trigger event - select Incoming Message and choose 'In Chat' from the dropdown. You can also add more trigger events using the 'OR' logic. In our case, we add all 'In Chat' event by clicking on Add Trigger Event and adding each 'In Chat' event one by one for a total of four 'In Chat' conditions. 

5. Add condition - Select Customer Tag, select text contains and type SPAM in the text field.

6. Add an Action - Select Specific Agent/Team, choose a dummy agent from the list of teammates, and then click on Create New Rule.

That's it! Your automation rule is now set up and ready to manage spam chats effectively.

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How to Manage Spam Chats and Assign them to Dummy Agent

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