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How to use Segments in Broadcast

Learn how to use segments in broadcast to send targeted, relevant messages and drive sales through personalization.

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Segments in broadcasts allow you to send targeted, relevant messages to specific groups of customers based on specific criteria. This helps to increase the effectiveness of your marketing efforts and drive more sales by ensuring that your messages are personalized and relevant for each segment of customers.

Make sure to first create segments before using them in a broadcast. If you have not already, refer to our article on How to Create a Segment.

To do this:

1. Go to Apps.

2. Select Broadcast and click on New Broadcast.

3. Choose your approved template and click on Add recipients.

4. Understand the difference between "Do not send to" and "Send to" in the recipient's  section. For example, To send the promotional message to all of your customers except for recent purchasers:

  • Use "Send to" to include the new and repeat customer segments.
  • Use "Do not send to" to exclude the recent purchasers' segment. This ensures that the promotional message is only sent to customers who are most likely to be interested in making a purchase.

Click on the + Add recipients icon in the send to recipients to dropdown search bar.

5. Enter a Segment name and choose Segment Recipients.

6. Click on Add variables.

7. Fill in all the required details in the variables for the template.

8. You can select one of the two options: if you want to send a broadcast message at a later time of your convenience, click on Schedule, or If you want to send the broadcast at that moment, click on Send now.

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How to use Segments in Broadcast

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