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Top reasons templates get rejected

Templates can get rejected due to various reasons. This article will help you understand the top 10 reasons why templates get rejected.

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Using variables without any context

variables without any context
Solution: There is no solution to this. You cannot have even a single variable that is used without any context.

Using unclear template name

unclear template name
Solution: Use a template name that gives clarity on the use of template. In this case, order_confirmtation_003 is a better name than Template_003

Using content that does not clarify the use of template

unclear template
Solution: Use a content that clarifies the use of the template to the reviewer. In this case, this will be a better content:

Hi {{1}}, Sorry we were out of the office on Sunday and were unable to respond in time. Would you like to continue this conversation?

Using texts as variables within double brackets

texts as variables
Solution: Always use numbers as variables within double brackets. In this case it should be:

Hi {{1}}. Your services for {{2}} has been activated on {{3}. If you need an help with using the services, please select YES.

Not using double brackets to enclose ALL variables

double brackets
Solution: Ensure that ALL variables are enclosed with double brackets.

Empty lines in the template content

Empty lines in the template content
Solution: If you want to have paragraph breaks or empty lines, denote those empty lines with multiple dashes (----). In this case, it should be:

Thank you for creating a {{2}} for {{3}} on
Zoko. Here is the location of our office.
To complete the sign-up process, click on Complete & Pay.

Spelling mistakes or use of slang

Spelling mistakes
Solution: Always double check the content to ensure that there are no spelling mistakes or use of slang.

Incorrect numbering of variables

Incorrect numbering
Solution: Ensure that the variables are numbered correctly in an increasing order. Use the TAB key at any point in your sentence to insert a variable in the correct format and order. 

Not submitting a sample media for templates with media attachments

Not submitting a sample media
Solution: Submit a sample of the media that you intend to use with this template so that it gives more clarity to the reviewer on the use of media in this template.

Using URL shorteners in the content

URL shorteners
Solution: Avoid using URL shorteners and give full links. If you are using URL shorteners for aesthetic reasons, use CTA buttons and embed the URL in the button itself.

Using mixed or hybrid languages

mixed or hybrid languages
Solution: Avoid using mixture or hybrid (in this case, rentar) of 2 languages.

Crossing the character limit of one or more components

character limit
Solution: In this case, the footer (Just show this QR code...) crosses the character limit of 60 characters. Ensure that your body, header and footer are all within the character limits mentioned above.

Other language version not matching the English version

not matching the English
Solution: In this case, it is clearly visible that the template in Spanish does not match the template in English. Ensure that the templates in both the languages exactly match.

Using emojis in quick replies Buttons

emojis in quick replies Buttons
Solution: To avoid rejection, try not to use emojis, variables, newlines, or formatting characters.

Top reasons templates get rejected

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