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How to Integrate ChatGPT Account into Your Zoko Account

Learn how to integrate your ChatGPT and Zoko accounts.

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The powerful combination of ChatGPT and WhatsApp allows you to leverage the capabilities of Enigma Sales AI, an intelligent sales agent that guides customers seamlessly through their product journey, from selection to payment.

Top brands are now leveraging generative AI capabilities in sales because:
- 10% of all customer queries are sales queries.
- 20% of these sales intent queries can be seamlessly converted to a paid order using generative AI. This also ensures that customers with sales intent do not have to depend on your working hours to make a purchase.
- Another 20% of all sales intent queries that could not be converted with AI can be automatically assigned to your best agents based on some rules. These are the lowest hanging fruits. Your agents can then talk to these high intent leads and convert them to orders.

Hence a combination of AI + agents can help you convert utpo 40% of all sales intent queries you receive on WhatsApp.

Not enabling AI, not only increases your manual effort but also leaves money on the table.

In this article, we will guide you through the step-by-step process of integrating ChatGPT to your Zoko account.

To do this:
1. On Zoko, go to Settings and click on ChatGPT under All integrations.

2. We need to add the Organization ID and an API secret Key from your Open AI account.

To Find Your Organization ID in Your OpenAI Account:

1. Log in to your OpenAI account using this link: https://platform.openai.com/.

2. Click on the Profile section at the top to open the dropdown menu.

3. Select Manage Account.

4. You'll find your Organization ID on this page. Copy it and paste it into Organization Id field in Zoko.

To Generate an API Secret Key:

1. Under the User section, click on API Keys.

2. Click on Create New Secret Key.

3. Give your key a recognizable name (e.g. Zoko_integration) so that you can easily identify it later.

4. Click on Create Secret Key to generate it. Copy this.

5. Paste it into the API Key field in Zoko.

Important note: The secret key will not be visible again, so best to save it somewhere.

Now, click on Connect in Zoko.

That's it! You have successfully integrated your ChatGPT account into your Zoko account.

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How to Integrate ChatGPT Account into Your Zoko Account

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