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Understand the Upsell Products Flow

Understand the Upsell Products flow playbook and how to enable it on the FlowHippo

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The Upsell Products flow can help you generate more revenue from your existing customers. By suggesting complementary products or services that enhance their purchase, you can increase the value of each transaction and boost your overall revenue. In this article, we cover the four parts of the upsell products flow that will help you better understand:






Offer customers the opportunity to upgrade or add on to their current purchase.

→ It can increase sales: Upselling can help merchants increase their sales by offering customers additional or upgraded products that complement the ones they are already purchasing.

→ It can improve customer satisfaction: By offering customers products that meet their needs and preferences, merchants can improve customer satisfaction and encourage customers to continue doing business with the company.

→ It can help to build customer loyalty: Upselling can help merchants build customer loyalty by demonstrating that they are willing to go the extra mile to find products that meet the customer's needs.

→ It can improve the customer experience: Upselling can help to make the purchasing process more convenient for customers, as it can help them find the products they need in one place.

→ It can help to increase the average order value: Upselling can help merchants increase the average order value by encouraging customers to purchase additional or upgraded products. This can help to increase the overall profitability of the business.

Benefits of This Flow

There are many benefits to using the Upsell Products Workflow, including:

  • Increased revenue: By suggesting additional products or services to customers, you can increase the value of each transaction and boost your overall revenue.
  • Improved customer relationships: By demonstrating that you understand your customers' needs and are committed to providing them with the best possible experience, you can build stronger relationships with your customers.
  • Higher customer lifetime value: By encouraging customers to purchase additional products or services, you can increase their lifetime value to your business.


Here's how the Upsell Products Workflow works:

  • Map your products to identify complementary products that can be suggested as an upsell when a specific product is purchased.
  • Set up trigger conditions that define when the upsell flow should be triggered, including specifying the product that needs to be purchased and whether the trigger should check for the product ID or variant ID.
  • If the customer purchases the specified product, the Upsell Products flow will be triggered.
  • The wait time defined in the trigger conditions will be used to determine the right moment to trigger the upsell flow. This might be immediately after the purchase or at a later time, depending on your business needs. 
  • When the upsell flow is triggered, the customer will be presented with a suggestion to purchase the complementary product (product B in this example). This suggestion can be made on WhatsApp.
  • It's important to review and modify the default condition before enabling the Upsell Products Workflow to ensure that it fits your specific business needs.


To enable the upsell products flow, you need to follow these steps:

1. Log in to your FlowHippo account.

2. Go to Playbooks, search for "Upsell" and click on “Upsell Products”.

3. Click "Use this Playbook".

4. Click “Edit” to customize the flow.

5. Click on Condition node to open the configuration.

6. You can set the condition by clicking on Add condition. In our case, we set the condition to product_id (line_items, 0, product_id) and text value to contains case insensitive.

Note: Default condition considers only variant ID but you can set the condition for product ID as well. Refer to our article on How to find Variant ID and Product ID on your Shopify. 

7. Click on Save & Close.

8. You can change the wait time by clicking on Wait node and change it depending on your business needs. In our case, we set the wait time to 15 days.

9. Click "Publish" to make the flow live.

That's it! You've successfully enabled the Upsell Products flow.

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Understand the Upsell Products Flow

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