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How to Connect your Shopify Store (Step 1 of 3)

Learn about Step 1 of connecting your Shopify store to Zoko

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One of the most powerful features of Zoko is the ability to connect your Shopify products to WhatsApp. Connecting Zoko with Shopify will help you easily share catalogs and take orders on WhatsApp. Once Shopify is connected with Zoko, you can even send automated messages like order updates, shipping updates, confirmation updates, and much more seamlessly to all your customers.

To fully connect Shopify store with Zoko you need to 

1. Connect Shopify with Zoko from Settings (explained in this article)

2. Install the Zoko private app from your Shopify account.

3. Create a Private App Admin API Access Token

In this article we will discuss about Step 1 - Connecting Shopify with Zoko from Settings:

1. Go to Settings at the top bar.

settings panel

2. On the left, click on Integrations.

click on Integrations

3. Under All Integrations you will find Shopify. Click on Connect.

Click on Connect

4. Enter your Shopify store address.

Shopify store address

5. Now, click on Install.

click on Install

6. Next, login on your shopify store.

login on your shopify store

7. Scroll down and click on Install app.

click on Install app

8. Click on Continue to pay.

Continue to pay

9. Click on Add Card Details and fill in all the details.

Add Card Details and fill in all the details

10. Click on Approve.


That’s it! Your Shopify store to Zoko is now connected.

The next step is to install API token from your Shopify store: 


How to Connect your Shopify Store (Step 1 of 3)

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