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The Sales Funnel Explained

Learn how the sales funnel works in Catalog on Zoko.

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Understanding the metrics at each stage of the sales funnel is crucial for optimizing your sales strategy. Tracking these metrics helps assess the effectiveness of your sales process. Let's delve into how the counts are tracked when customers use the WhatsApp catalog.

Sales chats: Sales chats mark the initial stage of the sales funnel. Each instance where an agent shares a product from the catalog with a customer via a Zoko chat is counted as one sales chat.

Cart: Each time a customer adds products to their cart, it counts as one cart addition, regardless of the quantity of products added. For example, if a customer adds multiple products to their cart in one go, it will still be counted as one cart addition.

Checkout: Each time a customer initiates the checkout process by proceeding from the cart to the payment and shipping information page, it is counted as one checkout. 

Payment: Whenever a customer successfully completes the payment for an order placed through the catalog, it is counted as one payment.

Orders: Order counts are logged when a payment is successfully processed and an order is confirmed. Each successful transaction is counted as one order.

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The Sales Funnel Explained

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