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Before Starting the Verification Process

Read this article to know a few things that should be ready before starting the verification process

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Facebook Business verification is a process that verifies your business as a legal entity and proves that you have access to your business website.

This process is quite simple if you have a few things in place before we start with the application:

  1. You need to have an email address on your domain. What that means is if your website address is www.zokochat.com , you would need to have an email address ending with zokochat.com like support@zokochat.com OR jacob@zokochat.com.
  1. To Verify your Business as a legal entity, you will need ANY 2 out of these  documents. 

Two very important things to note here - Both the documents you choose, have to 

  1. Clearly mention your Legal Name and Address
  2. They have to match! This means that the same legal name and address should be mentioned in BOTH documents. 

 If you don’t have the domain email and 2 matching documents, the business verification will be rejected

Accepted Documents.

1. Certificate of incorporation OR Formation certificate. Needs to show your legal name and address (or any one of these documents)

Accepted Documents

2. Bank Statement or Phone Bill. Needs to show the SAME legal name and address (Or any one of these documents)

Bank Statement or Phone Bill

3. Additional documents accepted for Specific countries: https://learning.zoko.io/article/full-list-of-accepted-documents

Before Starting the Verification Process

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