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Before Starting the Verification Process

Read this article to know a few things that should be ready before starting the verification process

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Facebook Business verification is a process that verifies your business as a legal entity and proves that you have access to your business website.

This process is quite simple if you have a few things in place before we start with the application:

1. Make sure you have an email address on your domain. For example, if your website is www.example.com, your email should be something like info@example.com or john@example.com.

2. Choose two documents to verify your business. These could be tax documents, utility bills, or other official paperwork. Make sure that both documents have the same legal name and address on them.

Important note: If you don't have a domain email or two matching documents, your business verification request may be rejected.

Accepted Documents.

1. Certificate of incorporation or formation certificate: This document should show your legal name and address. You only need to provide one of these documents.

Accepted Documents

2. Bank statement or phone bill: This document should also show the same legal name and address. Again, you only need to provide one of these documents

Bank Statement or Phone Bill

3. Additional documents: If you are in a specific country, you may have additional accepted documents that you can use for business verification. Refer to our article, Full list of Accepted Documents.

It's important to choose the right documents that meet the requirements for your specific situation. If you're unsure which documents to use, you can contact us on WhatsApp for guidance. 

Once you have these things in order, you can begin the verification process. Refer to our article, Applying for Facebook Verification.

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Before Starting the Verification Process

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