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How to Set-up Priority Rules

Learn how to set-up priority rules on the dashboard.

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You can create the Priority rule in the Zoko dashboard that allows you to automatically assign the chat to your agent and team members to handle the repetitive tasks to save time.

To do this:

1. Go to Apps on the top bar.

Go to Apps on the top bar

2. Select Rules.

Select Rules

3. Click on New Rule.

Click on New Rule

4. Fill in the Rule details and description. In our case, we add the Rule name as “Customer Support” and the description as “Handle the customer’s queries”.

Rule details and description

5. Select the Channel by clicking on the dropdown menu. In our case, we choose WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram.

Select the Channel

6. Next, click on Add trigger event to select the message options. In our example, we selected "Incoming message".

Add trigger event

Then, select the incoming message visible options. In our case, we selected "Open chat (visible in queue)".

incoming message

7. Click on Add condition to select the message conditions that are met. In our case, we select "Text in message"

Note: You can even select the different message condition or customer condition.)

Add condition

Select the message type from the dropdown menu. (Here, we selected "Equal to (case insensitive)").

message type

Next, type the message conditions in the text box. In our case, we add “Payment Failed”.

Payment Failed

You can also add more condition under “OR” and “AND” by clicking on Add Condition, then select the message conditions, message type and, then write the message condition in the text box.

Add Condition

8. Click on Add action, then click on Assign Chat.

Add action

9. Click on Add teammates to select the agent or team.

Note: You can add only 1 agent or team per priority rule.)

Add teammates

10. Click on Create new rule.

Create new rule

Note: You won't be able to delete the rule after it’s created. You will have the option to disable the rule by clicking on toggle vector.

11. You can also edit the rule by hovering over it and clicking the Edit icon.

Edit icon

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How to Set-up Priority Rules

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