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Adding New Tags

Learn how to add new tags for your customers

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One of the easiest ways to add tags is from the contacts page. To do this, go to Organisation Settings and then click on contacts. Firstly we need to select a contact to which a tag has to be added, you can either select the contact from the list here or search for the contact based on the name or the date range when this contact was added.

Organisation Settings

In our case we are going to add a new tag named Winter Collection. To do this, we will first select the contact by clicking on it like this. Then click on the add tag button here. You can find all your existing tags here. Since, Winter Collection is a new tag, we will create it by clicking on Create New tag and then writing Winter Collection. Now click on Add Tag and the tag has been added to the contact.

Add Tag

You can tag your contacts in bulk too by selecting multiple contacts like this and then repeating the same process of selecting or adding one or more tags. Click on Add Tag and the tags will be added to all the selected contacts.

(Note- It will take up to 1 minutes. Do not add/ remove news tags till operation complete.)

Click on Add Tag

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Adding New Tags

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