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How to Import Reviews to your Shopify Store

Learn how to export reviews from Zoko and import them to your Shopify store.

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Ratings and Reviews for an online business are a great way to improve sales. Your customers can give ratings and reviews easily on WhatsApp and you can then import them to your Shopify store.

To export reviews

1. Go to Flows.

Go to Flows

2. Click on the Review Bot.

Review Bot

3. Click on Analytics.


4. Select the reviews that you want to export, then click on Export to download your file.

Export to download

To import reviews on Shopify

1. Log in to your Shopify account and go to the Apps on the left.


2. Click on Customize your store.

Customize your store

3. Search for the app Product Reviews by Shopify.

Product Reviews by Shopify

4. Click on the Add app. Once added you will be automatically directed to the next page.

Add app

5. Click on the Import reviews.

Import reviews

6. Add the review file that you exported from zoko (without changing the file's structure). Leave the checkbox unticked and then click on Import reviews. 

Import reviews

That's it! All your review are now imported to your Shopify store.

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How to Import Reviews to your Shopify Store

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