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Applying for Facebook Verification

Understand the step by step process in facebook verification

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1. Start by going to business.facebook.com.

2. Click on Business Tools on the left.

3. Click on Business Settings and scroll down and click on Business Info to see the Business Manager Info.

4. Click the edit button and type in the Display Name of your business exactly as you want it displayed on your Official WhatsApp Account.

5. Scroll down, click edit and enter the Legal name and Address of your business exactly as it is shown in the document. Add your website here and click on Save. 

6. Next, click on View Details.  If your Start Verification button is disabled, watch our video on how to enable this button. If it is enabled for you, click on Start verification. 

7. Facebook will pull up the details based on the details filled by you in the previous screen. Cross verifies all the details and click on Next.

8. Now, click on ‘None of these match’ and click Next. 

9. Upload your 1st document and click Next.

10. Upload the 2nd document, select language and click Next.

11. The last step is to verify your account using your email address. Enter an email address that has the domain name as of your website and click on Send Email. Facebook will immediately email you a verification code. Check your promotions tab or spam if you don’t see it in 2 minutes. 

12. Enter the code and click on Submit. 

And that’s it!  You should hear back in 3 to 5 business days! Keep an eye on your email or keep checking your status here.

Applying for Facebook Verification

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