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A primer on WhatsApp Templates

An introduction to WhatsApp templates and how these can be used effectively.

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What are Template Messages

To initiate a chat with customers OR to message customers outside the 24-hour customer service window, businesses would need to use a Template Message.

Template messages are standard reusable messages that have one or more variables and can be 

  • sent to customers outside the 24 hour window
  • used to send transactional updates or marketing messages
  • used to start a new conversation with customers.

To use a template message, you need to get the template pre-approved by WhatsApp.  While sending a template for review, you need to ensure that the purpose of the template is very clear

You can also add media, quick response buttons and CTA buttons in a template. To understand this better, read the article on examples of templates by clicking here.

A primer on WhatsApp Templates

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