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How to Create a Zoko Account

Learn how to create a Zoko account and start using the platform.

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To start using the platform, follow the following steps to create a Zoko account:

Step 1

1. Go to Zoko Sign up page.

2. Enter your Name.

3. Enter you WhatsApp number (This is only for communication purposes).

4. Enter your company website and tick the box on I have read and understood.

5. Click on Continue.

Step 2 : Create a Zoko Account

1. Enter your Email address.

2. Enter your New password.

3. Tick the box on "I agree" and click on Create new account.


If you wish to sign up using your google account, click on the "Sign up with Google" button to open a pop-up window and complete the sign-up process.

4. Enter your Store name, which will be displayed on your Zoko dashboard. In our case, we have set the store name as "Pavel Shoes".

5. Choose your billing type from the dropdown menu: India or All Other Countries. For instance, if your business is in India and deals in Indian currency, choose India Billing. For international businesses with payments in currencies like dollars, choose All Other Countries. In our case, since our business is in the USA, we've selected All Other Countries.

Please be aware that the selected billing type cannot be changed later, so make sure to choose the correct option before proceeding to the next step.

6. Click on Create.

Step 3 : Create a WhatsApp API Account

1. Click on Connect WhatsApp API Account.

2. In the pop up window, fill in the required details and click on Sign up.

Note: You will receive an email with one time password (OTP) to verify the Email.


If you prefer to sign up with Facebook account, click on the "Sign up with Facebook" button and complete the sign-up process.

3. Next, Read the following requirements and Select all the Checkboxes.

4. Click on Continue with Facebook.

5. Log in to your Facebook account and enter your facebook credentials.


If you already logged in to your facebook, simply click on Continue as XXXXX.

Step 4 : Connect your Whatsapp account to Dialog 360

1. Click on Get Started.

There are Five steps process you need to follow:

- Connect your account to 360dialog.

2. Read the permission and click on Continue.

- Fill in your business information. (This information will not be visible to your users)

1. Select the meta business account from the dropdown that you want to connect with the WhatsApp API.

2. Enter your Business name exactly as it appears on your website. For example, if your brand name mentioned on the website is "Pavel Shoes Store", enter the brand name as "Pavel Shoes Store".

3. Add URL of your Website or Social Media profile page. (Make sure that the Brand name should be match whatever name you mentioned in Business name.)

4. Select the country from the dropdown menu. In our case, we added country as Singapore.

5. Click on Next.

- Select your WhatsApp Business Account

1. Select the WhatsApp Business account and Business profile from the dropdown. If you have previously created a WhatsApp Business account, you will be able to select it. If you have not created one yet, please ignore this step.

2. Click on Next.

- Create a WhatsApp Business Profile

1. Enter your WhatsApp Business name here. In our case, we have added the name as "Pavels Shoes". (Note that this name is not visible to your customers on your WhatsApp profile.)

2. Next, as you can see that the WhatsApp Business Profile Display Name is automatically added based on the details you have previously filled. If you wish to change the name, simply delete the current name and type in the new name.

Important Note: Don’t add unnecessary punctuation, emojis or symbols like trademarks. To know more about Display name for Best practices Refer to our article on Understand the Display Name.

3. Select the Time zone of your country from the dropdown.

4. Select the Business category that best describes your business. In our case, we have selected "Clothing".

5. Enter your business description and website URL here. Note that both fields are optional and can be changed later.

6. Click on Next.

- Add a Phone Number of your WhatsApp

1. Select the Country code from the dropdown and enter your Phone number.

Note: You will receive the confirmation OTP code on that number to verify the number.

2. Select the option you want to receive the OTP (SMS or Voice). In our case, we have selected "Text message" and clicked on Next.

3. Enter the verification code (OTP) you have received on that number.

4. Click on Next.

Finally! Your account is now ready and you can start chatting with at least 1000 users with business-initiated conversations. Once the display name review is completed, you will have access to more users. Please note that your application is currently under review and you will be contacted within 24 hours via email. Please ensure that you comply with WhatsApp's Commerce Policy.

5. Click on Finish.

Account successfully created. Please wait your account is setting up and it will take a few minutes.

Step 5 : Give Your WhatsApp API Partner permission to Zoko

1. Select the numbers from the dropdown and click on Add Selected.

2. Click on Save Selection.

3. Scan QR code on your phone and send a message from your whatsapp to your official Whatsapp number. (You will receive the first message within a few minutes on the zoko dashboard).

Please note that it's important to test both inbound and outbound messages to ensure that your WhatsApp API is active. If you are unable to receive messages, please contact us at WhatsApp and we will be happy to help you.

That's it! Your account is now ready and you can set up your billing on the Zoko dashboard and start using it. Refer to our article on How to Set Up Billing.

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How to Create a Zoko Account

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