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How to Create Templates

Learn how you can create and submit templates for approval by WhatsApp

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Templates are pre-approved messages that can be sent to the customers outside the 24-hour customer - service window. A template consists of texts with variables that can be filled when you are sending the actual message to the customer. You can send media attachments, and add buttons in your template message to improve your customer interaction. Once the templates are created, Whatsapp will manually review all templates before it is approved.

To create templates:

1. Go to Apps.

Go to Apps

2. Click on Templates.

Click on Templates

3. Click on New Template button.

New Template

4. Enter all of the following details:

-  Template ID: Type the name of the template here, such that the reviewer will understand the purpose of the template from the name itself. (In our case, we will add the name of the template as appointment_update001.)

Note: You can only use lower case alphabets, numbers and underscores to name your template.

Template ID

-  Category: Click on the dropdown to see a list of template categories available and select one category, based on the type of template you are creating. (In our case, we will select the template category as Appointment Update.)


-  Language: Click on the dropdown to see the list of supported languages that are available. Simply select the language you want to use in your message template. (In our case, we will select the template language as English.)

Note: When selecting the template in a different language, you need to write the content in the same language you are selecting for the template.


5. Media: You have an option to add a media attachment by clicking on the media type that you want to include in the template. It is (In our case, we will select the media type as Image). Refer to our article Aspect Ratio for Images Template.

Note: When you select a media type, you will have to add a sample media on the next page, before submitting it for approval.


6. Body Text: Next, fill in all the information in the body text as per your template requirement. You can also add variables in the body text. Refer to our article on What are the Character Limits.

You can also edit the text using features such as  Bold, Italic, Strikethrough and Monospace. Refer to our article on How to Format Text in your Outgoing Messages.

Pro Tip: Pressing the TAB key in your keyboard at any point in your sentence to insert a variable.

Body Text

7. You can also type in the footer text, which is optional.

footer text

8. Buttons: There are three options in buttons: “No Button”, “CTA Buttons”, and “Quick Replies”.

CTA Buttons

Phone Number - Redirect your users to a call to your company’s number with just one click. Refer to our article on How to Create a Template with a Button - Phone number.

Dynamic Link: Any link or Extension only - Refer to our article on How to Create a Template with a Button - Dynamic link.

Static Link - Refer to our article on How to Create a Template with a Button - Static link.

Do remember that adding buttons is optional and that, you can select any one of these buttons based on your needs.


Note: In one template message, you can add up to 2 CTA buttons only.

(1 CTA button for Phone Number and 1 CTA button for website link.)

Quick replies

In template messages, you have the option of adding buttons as Quick replies. When a customer clicks on a quick reply button, the response for the question by the agent is triggered, and the reply will be sent to the agent.

Note: You can select a maximum of 3 Quick Reply buttons in one message template. Refer to our article on How to Create a Template with a Quick Reply Button.

Quick replies

9. Click on Next Step.

Next Step

10. For sending a sample to Whatsapp, you will have to fill in the required details inside the variables and sample media.

sending a sample

11. Click on Send for review to submit your template for reviewing.

Send for review

Note: Whatsapp usually takes upto 24-48 hours to review and approve the template. Keep an eye on template reviews on the dashboard. Refer to our article on How long it will Take to Approve the Template.

In case your templates are being rejected repeatedly or is stuck in the pending status, please contact us at contact@zoko.io or wa.me/917306017571 and we will be happy to assist you. You can refer to our article on How to Check Reasons for Rejections.

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How to Create Templates

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