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What are Conversations and the 3 Types of Conversations?

All you need to know about the 3 types of conversations and Meta's pricing structure.

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Conversations are 24-hour message threads (known as the customer service window) between you and your customers. They are opened and charged when messages you send are delivered.

Meta categorizes conversations into three main types: Utility, Marketing, and Service conversations. Each category serves a specific purpose and comes with Meta's pricing structure. Let’s understand the three types of conversations: Marketing, Utility, and Service conversations.

1. Marketing Conversations:

  • Business-initiated conversations to market a product or service to customers, such as relevant offers to customers who have opted in. Any business-initiated conversation that does not qualify as an authentication or utility conversation would also fall under this category. 
  • Scenario: Suppose you have an exciting new product or service to announce, or you want to entice your customers with targeted promotions. Sending an approved marketing template message initiates a marketing conversation.

2. Utility Conversations:

  • Business-initiated conversations relating to a transaction, including post-purchase notifications and recurring billing statements to customers who have opted in.
  • Scenario: A customer makes a purchase, and you want to keep them informed about the delivery process. Sending a delivery update or order confirmation template message initiates a utility conversation.

3. Service Conversations:

  • Any user-initiated conversation, such as to resolve a customer queries.
  • Scenario: A customer reaches out with a question or concern of your products. If you respond within the 24-hour customer service window with a free-form message and no existing open conversation, a new service conversation is initiated to address their needs.

Note: Charges are incurred upon conversation initiation, with costs varying based on the conversation category. Sending multiple messages within the same conversation doesn't incur additional costs. However, sending a different category message in an open conversation initiates a new conversation with corresponding charges.

What happens if you send templates of different categories in the same 24-hour conversation window? 

Any time a template message is delivered, it will result in a conversation charge unless it is sent in a conversation of the same category. For example, if a utility template is delivered during a service conversation, it will open a separate utility conversation open for 24 hours from the time the utility template is delivered. 

If a utility template is delivered during an open utility conversation, it will not open a new utility conversation or create a new charge. Below are several examples to illustrate how conversation charges work.

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What are Conversations and the 3 Types of Conversations?

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