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How to Set up Hallo ChatGPT Bot

Learn how to set up the Hallo ChatGPT bot to automate your greeting messages and enhance customer interactions.

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Imagine having a friendly, AI-powered assistant that not only greets your customers but also identifies their intentions for seamless interactions. This greeting bot adds a touch of charm to every conversation. Hallo sets the tone, engages customers, and intelligently hands them over to specialized bots like Sello or Wismo, or even to a human agent.

Important Note: If you've already configured working hours in your Settings, these configurations will be automatically synced here. Any changes here affect your Settings too. The bot respects these hours when interacting with customers and also notifies them if it outside your working hours.

Before you proceed, ensure that your ChatGPT account is integrated to Zoko. If you haven't done so yet, refer to our article on How to Integrate Your ChatGPT Account

Setting Up Hallo Bot:

1. Go to Apps.

2. Under AI Assistants categories, select Hallo.

3. Click on Enable bot.

4. Select the Language from the dropdown you want to set. (Note: Currently the bot supports English language only)

5. Toggle the switches for each day (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) to enable them and then configure your working hours by selecting the desired timings through the clock icon.

6. Select the Timezone for your country to ensure that the work hours are configured for your country.

7. Click on Save Changes.

That’s it! You have successfully set up Hallo. Now, sit back and let the bots work their magic.

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How to Set up Hallo ChatGPT Bot

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