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Agents Access Levels (Roles)

A guide on how to add agents and determine their access levels.

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Add Agents to your Team

One of the most used feature of Zoko is the Multiple Agent feature. You can add multiple agents to your account to help you manage customer chats from the same WhatsApp API number. You can also determine their role/access levels of each agent and add them to a Team (examples - sales, operations etc.). When a chat is assigned to a Team, all agents added to that Team can see these chats.

To add a new agent: 

  1. Go to Organisation Settings
  2. Click on Team Settings. Here you can see the details of all your agents.
  3. To add a new agent, click on Add New Agent.
  4. Enter the agents full name, email ID, assign them Role, availability and Team (if needed).
  5. Click Save

An email with next steps will be sent to email id that you provide here. The agent can follow the steps, setup a password and access the dashboard using those details.

Roles or Access Levels

The role of the agent can be set based on the access limitation you wish to grant. The following table explains the role and the corresponding access levels that particular role has.

Role Access
Owner Has complete access, including billing
Admin Has all access except billing. Also has the ability to jump into each agents chats and have visibility on all conversations
Salesman Can see the Queue screen and Chats screen. Can see chats that are assigned to him/her and his/her team along with chats on the queue where they can be reassigned.
Salesman (Limited) Can see only the Chats screen. Can see the chats that are assigned to him/her and his/her team only.

Roles or Access Levels

Agents Access Levels (Roles)

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