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How to Create a Segment

Learn how to create a segment in the dashboard.

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Personalization is the most powerful strategy to drive sales, improve conversion rates, and increase order value for your store. Segments are dynamic lists that make your broadcasts smarter by sending relevant and personalized broadcasts to customers.

To create a segment:

1. Go to Apps.

2. In the Marketing section, click on Segments.

3. Click on New Segment.

4. Give your segment a name. This name will help you identify the user list easily. In our case, we are creating a segment of users who did not order in the last 200 orders hence we name it “Did not order last 60 days”)

Give your segment a name

5. Click on Add Criteria and you can see the three criterias: “Order”, “Customer”, “Broadcast” Properties. You can create lists based on any of the 3 criterias. Since in our case, we are creating a segment of users who did not order in the last 200 days, we will select the criteria "Order Properties".

Add Criteria

6. Click on the dropdown menu to see the list of order properties. You can further drill down and select one of the properties that meet your need to create a more relevant segment. In our case, we selected the order property “Order Date”).

We will have to further define the order date condition as On or Before and then select the date.

dropdown menu

7. The + Add Criteria allows you to add multiple conditions. If you add more conditions under OR, all users who meet ANY of the conditions will get selected. However if you add AND conditions, all users who meet ALL the condition only will get selected.

The AND and OR conditions help you create much more relevant segments like customer who did not order Product X within last 60 days.

Add Criteria

8. Once you are add your condition, click on Save Segment to save this segment list.

Save Segment

9. You can see the number of customers in the segment here.

number of customers

10. You also have Edit, Clone, Refresh, and Delete options here by clicking on three dots.

three dots

Once you create segments, you can use these segments as recipients in a broadcast from the broadcast screen. Refer to our article on How to use Segments in Broadcast.

broadcast from the broadcast screen

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How to Create a Segment

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