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What are Published, Drafts and Playbooks in FlowHippo

Understand the published, drafts and playbooks in the FlowHippo workflow.

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By understanding Published, Drafts and Playbooks in the FlowHippo workflow, you can easily manage and control the workflow processes, make changes as needed and ensure that the correct processes are being used at all times.

Published - It refers to flow processes that are live or active. These are the processes that are currently being used in workflow automation. Once a flow process has been published, it becomes the active process that is used in the workflow. You can view all published flow processes in the Published section.

Drafts - Drafts are flow processes that have been created or modified but are not yet live or active. These drafts may be in the process of being reviewed, tested, or finalized before they are made live. For example, if you create a flow process but do not publish it before exiting the flow designer, the process will be moved to the Drafts section. You can view all draft flow processes in the Drafts section.

Playbooks - Playbooks are default flow processes that are available to be used in workflow automation. These playbooks, such as an abandoned cart flow, order confirmation flow, COD to prepaid flow, and many more flow, can be used as a starting point for creating new flow processes, or they can be customized and modified to fit the specific needs of the organization. Playbooks provide a set of pre-defined, ready-to-use flow processes that can save time and effort in the workflow automation process.

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What are Published, Drafts and Playbooks in FlowHippo

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