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How to Connect Your Instagram Messenger to Zoko

Learn how to connect Instagram messenger to Zoko.

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You can connect your Instagram messenger to Zoko and make it easier to view and respond to the messages on the dashboard and share your product message with clients. You can always disconnect Instagram from your dashboard whenever you decide you don't need it anymore.

Do note that you will need to connect your Instagram business account to the Facebook page in order to configure Instagram integration on the dashboard properly. Refer to our article - Setting up Instagram correctly.

To do this:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Integrations on the left.

3. Click on Instagram Connect.

4. Click on Continue with Facebook and log in to your Facebook account.

Note: To log in using Facebook, ensure that your Instagram account is linked to Facebook.

5. Click on Select all the business accounts and Click on Next.

6. Click on Select all the pages and click on Next.

7. Enable all access and Click on Done.

8. Select an Instagram business from the dropdown menu and click on Connect.

9. You can disconnect the Instagram integration by clicking on the Delete button.

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How to Connect Your Instagram Messenger to Zoko

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