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Read This Before you Activate Your Number on the WhatsApp API

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If you are about to activate your number on the WhatsApp API, we want to make sure you're aware of these crucial aspects of upgrading/setting up your number on the WhatsApp API and doing business with Zoko. Take the time to thoroughly review and comprehend the following. It is imperative that you do this so that you may save yourself regret at a later date if the explicitly stated outcomes occur.

You will lose your chat history and contacts

Phone numbers already active on WhatsApp Consumer app or WhatsApp business app cannot be activated on the API. You will have to permanently delete your WhatsApp app or WhatsApp business app account before you activate the same number on the API. Once deleted, you will permanently lose all your chat and contact history on that number.

Be aware of the 30-Day Restriction Period

An active API number cannot be deleted until 30 days after the last paid message was sent. That means an API number can be downgraded and used on regular WhatsApp app or WhatsApp Business app only after 30 days.

Only activate numbers that you own or are authorized to activate

Do not activate someone else's number or numbers that you are not authorized to activate.

The 24-hour messaging window

Once you activate a number on the API, you cannot simply message any number at will. You can only respond to incoming messages within 24 hours of the message. Read more about it in this article - https://www.zoko.io/learning-micro-lessons/24-hours-window-in-chat .

For messaging customers beyond the 24-hour window you will need to use WhatsApp templates.

Understand how Zoko Subscription fees are charged

- Zoko Subscription Fees are charged every month regardless of whether you send messages or not.
- The Susbcription period starts from the day of OTP verification, regardless of whether you sent messages or not.
- You owe monthly subscription fees unless you explicitly cancel your subscription by filling this cancellation form - https://bit.ly/3OotJji

Think of it like a Netflix subscription. Unless you cancel, you get charged every month whether you watch movies or not.

About the Zoko API

There will be zero support from Zoko for the Zoko API or any API related questions. The Zoko API is made available as a courtesy to teams with the engineering resources to use it. You will need to have your own engineering team/resources to do API integrations with any 3rd party systems. 

Zoko's Terms and Conditions

Read and Understand Zoko's Terms and Conditions listed here - https://www.zoko.io/legal

Read This Before you Activate Your Number on the WhatsApp API

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