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How to Apply Greentick for WhatsApp API Account

Learn how to apply greentick for official WhatsApp API account directly from meta business manager.

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WhatsApp green tick is a small green check mark that appears next to a verified business’ name or profile picture, indicating that the business has gone through a verification process by the platform. The article mentions the eligibility criteria for getting a green tick on WhatsApp, the advantages of having a green badge on WhatsApp, and how the verification process involves Meta Business Manager. 

It’s important to note that not every business is eligible to receive the WhatsApp green tick. Only reputable and well-established brands can apply for the green badge. In this article, we will guide you through the requirements and application process for the green tick verification.

  • Difference between verified and Non verified accounts
  • Benefits of Getting Green Tick
  • Eligibility for a Green Tick on WhatsApp
  • Apply the Greentick application process
  • WhatsApp Green Tick Verification denied

Difference between Verified and Non-Verified Accounts

The main difference between a verified and non-verified WhatsApp account is credibility. A verified account has a Green Tick, indicating that it has been verified by WhatsApp and is legitimate. A non-verified account, on the other hand, does not have a Green Tick and may not be seen as credible by customers.

Benefits of Getting Green Tick

There are several benefits of getting the Green Tick for WhatsApp API, some of which are:

  1. Increased credibility: The Green Tick for WhatsApp API indicates that the business has been verified by WhatsApp, which increases its credibility and trust among customers.
  2. Improved customer engagement: Having the Green Tick for WhatsApp API can improve customer engagement as customers are more likely to trust and engage with verified businesses.
  3. Increased visibility: Verified businesses are more likely to be visible to potential customers as they appear higher in search results.
  4. Improved security: The Green Tick for WhatsApp API ensures that customers are communicating with a legitimate business, which helps in preventing fraud or scams.

Eligibility for a Green Tick on WhatsApp

Now coming to the important part, what makes a business eligible for a Green Tick on WhatsApp API? Here are the eligibility criteria you need to follow to apply for the Green Badge:

1. Complete Meta business verification: You must complete the Meta business verification process on your Meta Business Manager account.

2. Notable and reputable business: Your business must be a notable and reputable business. The specific requirements may vary depending on the region or country where the business is located. Refer to our article Understand the Notable and Media.

3. Tier 2 or above messaging level: Your account must be in Tier 2 or above messaging level. While Tier 1 may also apply, you must have exchanged 10-15 messages first.

4. 2FA verification: Turn on 2-step verification to apply for an official WhatsApp API account if you haven’t enabled it before applying for the green tick.

Additionally, businesses that deal with products or services related to drugs, tobacco, gambling, alcohol, weapons and ammunition, live animals, adult products/services, medical and healthcare products, dating services, and cryptocurrencies are not eligible to apply for a Green Tick on WhatsApp.

If a business meets all the eligibility criteria, they can apply for a Green Badge on WhatsApp.

Apply the Greentick Application Process

The process to get The Green Badge is straightforward. A business needs to follow a few simple steps to get the Badge. So, here's the step-by-step process of getting the Greentick badge.

Ensure that you successfully verified your Meta Business account.

1. Log in to your Meta Business Manager.

2. Click on Three line Menu option and click on WhatsApp Manager.

3. Hover the mouse over the left bar and click on Phone number under Account tools.

4. Choose the phone number and click on Settings icon.

5. Click on Profile.

6. Submit a request for an Official Business Account by clicking on Submit Request and fill out all the required information.

Ensure that carefully fill out all the required information before you click on Submit Request on next page.

WhatsApp Green Tick Verification denied!? No need to panic

If everyone could easily get the green tick, it would lose its value. Only a small percentage of businesses actually succeed in getting the green badge. And WhatsApp does not share details when they reject an application. But what they do is allow businesses to apply again after 30 days.

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How to Apply Greentick for WhatsApp API Account

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