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How to use Search

Learn how to use search on the dashboard to find the chats and messages.

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Zoko allows you to search for any chat that has ever taken place in your account. You can simply find the chat by using different filters. Once you have found a chat, you can easily assign it to your agent/team.

To do this:

1. Go to Search on the top or use the shortcut key on your keyboard CTRL+K (Windows) or CMD+K (Mac) to open the search bar.

Go to Search

2. You can type in search bar to find based on Chats or Messages.

search bar

3. You can also see the total number of Chats and Messages here.

the total number of Chats and Messages

4. There are various filters available in chats and messages that will help you narrow down your search.

various filters

5. You can remove filters in search by clicking on Clear filters.

remove filters in search

6. You can select all the chats by clicking on the Select All option.

select all the chats

7. You can also select multiple chats:

select multiple chats
Pressing shift and selecting chats will select all chats between them.
select all chats in between
Selecting chats will select the specific chats that you click.

8. By selecting any chat, you will be able to see the options in the footer, such as assign the chat to an agent/team, mark the chat as read or unread, or close the chat.

assign the chat to an agent/team

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How to use Search

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