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What is Click-to-WhatsApp Ads App on Zoko

Understand the click to WhatsApp ads app on the zoko dashboard.

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Click-to-WhatsApp Ads App on Zoko is a powerful tool for businesses to track the success of their Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns. With the app, you can view all your campaigns in one place and see detailed metrics on their performance, including the number of clicks, reach, and much more. This helps businesses understand how effectively their ads reach and engage potential customers.

Ensure that ad campaigns will be visible only if you have completed the Facebook, Instagram, and Meta Ads Manager integration. Refer to our articles:

Meta Ads Manager Integration

Facebook Integration

Instagram Integration

To do this:

1. Go to Apps.

2. Click on Click-to-WhatsApp Ads.

3. Here is all the Ad campaigns list.

4. Click on each Ad to open the metric overview and data.

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What is Click-to-WhatsApp Ads App on Zoko

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