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How to Turn off System Rule - Assign Reopened Chats to Last Assigned Agent or Team

Learn how to turn off system rule that automatically assigns reopened chats to the last assigned agent or team.

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This rule is ensuring that reopened chats are assigned to the same agent or team that previously handled them. If you desire to customize this behavior, you can easily turn off the automatic assignment system rule. Disabling the system rule that assigns reopened chats to the last assigned agent or team is a straightforward procedure.

Please note that this rule cannot be edited, as it is a system-generated rule.

To to this:

1. Go to the Apps section.

2. Search for Rules and click on it.

3. Under priority rules, locate for the rule named "Last Assigned Agent/Team"

4. Toggle the button to turn off the rule. (You will notice the rule is moved to the disabled section.)

That's it! You have the option to create a custom rule based on the behavior you desire, at your convenience. Refer to our article on How to Setup Priority rules.

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