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How to Set up Xlsx File Correctly for Broadcast

Learn how to set up Xlsx files correctly for broadcast on Zoko dashboard.

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If you are sending a broadcast using an imported file, it is essential to ensure that the XLSX file is set up correctly. If the file is not set up correctly, it can result in the broadcast failing or messages being sent to the wrong numbers. To avoid any issues, follow these steps:

Download the Xlsx file from the broadcast screen and open it.

1. Enter the numbers in the WhatsApp number column with the correct country code and without any special characters or spaces. For example, if the country code for the United States is +1 and the number is 8130521561, the number should be formatted as: 18130521561.

It is also important to ensure that the phone number format should be in number format, not general alphabet or numerical format. This will ensure that the broadcast is sent to the correct numbers and avoid any errors.

2. Next, is the variable {{1}} column where you can add the custom media link such as image, video, audio, and doc/pdf file as per your requirement. For example, you want to send media messages and make sure the media link is accessible and working. Ensure that you must paste the media link in the {{1}} column correctly. Refer to our article on How to Generate Media Links.

3. In the variable column, you can add custom information as per your requirement. For example, you will have to type the information for the variables in the chosen template.

4. If your template has a button, you will have to add the link under “Button Payload” column.

Always remember that you should avoid adding extra space while adding information to an Xlsx file. The broadcast will fail if you add excess space with information.

Once you have filled in all the information, save the Xlsx File.

5. Upload it on the broadcast screen by clicking the Upload button.

Once data is uploaded, you can see the filled data on the broadcast screen and test it to ensure that all of the data is being uploaded correctly. Refer to our article on How to Set up Broadcast Correctly.

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