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How to Clear All Ongoing Flow in FlowHippo

Learn how to clear all ongoing flow instances that are currently running in FlowHippo.

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Ongoing flow instances are essentially instances of a flow that are currently running and have customers at different stages of the flow, such as waiting for a message. When you make changes to an ongoing flow, only customers who enter the flow after you publish the changes will receive the updated messages, while those who are already in the flow will continue to receive the old messages. This can cause confusion and inconsistency in the flow.

When to Clear All Ongoing Flows?

Knowing when to clear all ongoing flow instances is crucial for maintaining a seamless customer experience. One common scenario where clearing all ongoing flow instances may be necessary is when you want to make significant changes to a flow that is currently running, such as an abandoned cart or order confirmation flow.

For example, let's say you have an abandoned cart flow that sends a series of messages to customers who have added items to their cart but haven't completed their purchase. You notice that the messages are not getting a good response rate, and you want to change them to make them more engaging. If you make these changes to the flow while it is still ongoing, customers who have already received the old messages will not receive the updated ones, while new customers will receive the updated messages. In such a scenario, it is best to clear all ongoing flow instances and publish the updated flow for all customers.

Now that you understand what ongoing flows are and when to clear them, let's look at the steps involved in clearing all ongoing flows in FlowHippo:

1. Log in to your FlowHippo account.

2. Go to the Published tab and find the flow that you want to clear and click on it to open the flow details page.

2. Go to Flow Stats.

4. In the Ongoing Instances section, click on the Clear All button.

5. A confirmation message will appear. Click on Clear flows to clear all ongoing instances of the flow.

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