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Setting up the Condition in the Flow

Understand the setting up of the condition in your workflow.

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A condition is a statement that is used to determine whether a certain action or group of actions should be carried out. Conditions are often used to control the flow of a conversation and allow the chatbot to respond appropriately to different user inputs. For example, a flow might have a condition that checks whether a user has entered a specific keyword, and if that keyword is detected as true, the flow will respond accordingly.

To do this:

Drag the Condition in the designer canvas from the ToolBox.

1. Click on Condition to open the configuration setting.

2. Type the description name of the condition here.

3. Understand the difference between ANY and ALL

Matching ANY or ALL of the condition groups refers to the process of evaluating a set of conditions to determine which actions should be executed.

ANY: A set of condition groups will be evaluated by the chatbot. If any of the conditions in a given group isare met, the corresponding actions are carried out. For example, If your flow has three condition groups (A, B, and C), and the user's input matches the conditions in group B, the actions associated with group B will be executed even if the conditions in the other groups are not met.

ALL: The chatbot will evaluate a set of condition groups, and the corresponding actions will be executed only if all of the conditions within the groups are satisfied. For example, if your flow has three condition groups (A, B, and C) and the user's input matches the conditions in groups A and C but not in group B, the actions associated with those groups will be skipped because not all of the groups' conditions were met.

4. Click on + Add Condition Group.

5. Click on Enter a value bar to choose the criteria. In our case, we select trigger >> text.

6. You can further define your conditions based on text, numbers, date/time or boolean (true/false) by Clicking on Select a value bar to dropdown the menu. In our case, we select Equals to Case Sensitive.

7. You can type the condition in the Enter a value box. In our case, we add Hello! Where is my order?

8. You can add more conditions or condition groups by clicking on the + icon.

AND/OR condition: And condition checks if ALL the conditions in the statement are true; then follow a certain path else, follow a different path. Similarly, OR will check if at least 1 condition is true. 

9. Data: The condition data will be displayed when you click on the Refresh button. If the condition message is met, it will be shown as true; if the condition message is not met, it will be shown as false.

10. Click on Save & Close.

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