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How to Speed Up Approved Templates Sync

Learn how to manually sync your approved templates to make them appear more quickly on your Zoko dashboard.

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Templates are crucial for maintaining message consistency and professionalism. However, they don't always appear in Zoko immediately. Depending on the syncing process between BSP, WhatsApp, and Zoko, It can take 2 to 6 hours for templates to become available, which can be frustrating.

Sometimes, you may wonder why templates aren't approved promptly. It's often due to the high volume of templates on WhatsApp's side, causing approval delays. Keep in mind that templates approval are entirely WhatsApp's decision, beyond our control.

To speed things up, we'll guide you through manually syncing your templates for faster appearance on Zoko. within the 360 Dialog Hub.

Here's how to do it:

1. Log in to your 360 Dialog Hub.

2. Access your account details by clicking on Show Details.

3. Go to Templates.

4. Click on "Synchronize with Facebook" to initiate the sync.

That's it! Typically, your approved templates will appear on your Zoko dashboard within 20 minutes, and many users have reported that most templates show up almost instantly after syncing.

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