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How to Get a List of all Numbers you Interacted with on Zoko

Learn how to get a list of all numbers that you have interacted with, on the Zoko dashboard.

We have the option to get the numbers you interacted with on Zoko. It's a straightforward procedure. Simply download the message logs from the dashboard, delete any duplicate data in the CSV file, and save it.

To do this:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Message logs on the left panel.

3. Click on Export to download message logs.

4. Open the CSV file and delete all duplicate information except "from phone information."

Step 1 - Finding Duplicate Number

Once the duplicate information is deleted, then follow this step: Select the column consisting of phone numbers >> Click on Home >> Click on Conditional Formatting >> Click on Highlight Cells Rules >> Click on Duplicate Values >> In the pop-up window, choose the colour you want to fill in duplicate and click ok.

Step 2 - Remove Duplicate Number

Once step 1 is done, then follow this step: Select the column of phone numbers >> Click on Data >> Click on Remove Duplicates>> Click ok in the pop-up window.

Keywords: Export numbers, Download CSV file, Delete duplicate information.

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