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How to Start a New Chat

Learn how to start a new chat.

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To start a chat with a new customer whose is not yet in your contact list, you will have to first save the contact details and then initiate a chat.

To do this:

1. Click on the Contact icon.

contact icon

2. Fill in the contact details of the customer.

customer details form

3. Click on Create and your contact is created.

create button

4. Now, click on Go to chat.

go to chat

5. Click on Please select template in the reply box to select a template. Remember, you can only initiate a new chat with a pre-approved template. Refer to our article How to create a template to know more.

select template

6. Next, select one of the pre-approved templates from the list of available templates.

pre-approved templates

7. Fill in the variables (if any) in your template and send it like this.

fill variables

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