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How to Schedule your Broadcast

Learn how to schedule your broadcast message on the Zoko dashboard.

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If you want to send a broadcast at another time of your convenience, this can be done in Zoko. You can schedule your broadcast to begin at a specific time and date. When you select the schedule option, you should choose a date and time for your broadcast. Once you have set and saved the broadcast, you will see the scheduled status in the broadcast lists.

To do this:

1. Go to Apps >> Select Broadcast >> Click on New broadcast >> Select your pre-approved template >> Click on Add recipients.

2. Add the recipients to whom you want to send the broadcast and click on Add variables. 

3. You can fill out the variables and see the Schedule option in the footer at the bottom right corner of the page.

4. Click on "Schedule," select the date, country, and time that you want to send the broadcast, and click on "Confirm date & time."

5. You can also unschedule or edit the date, country, and time by clicking on the Edit.

6. Click on Save.

Note: If you want to cancel the scheduled broadcast, simply click on the broadcast that you created and click on Delete. Refer to our article on How to cancel a scheduled broadcast.

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