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What if a customer asked us to Opt out from further communication?

Understanding Customer Opt-Out Requests and Managing Communication Preferences

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In the realm of marketing and customer communication, it is crucial to prioritize customer preferences and privacy. When a customer explicitly requests to opt out from further communication, it is essential for businesses to respect their decision and ensure they are excluded from future marketing campaigns. Respecting customers' preferences not only helps maintain a positive brand image but also fosters trust and loyalty. Customers appreciate businesses that honor their choices and make efforts to tailor their communication accordingly. In this article, we will explore how businesses can effectively handle opt-out requests, the role of tags in excluding customers from broadcasts, and the impact on automated flows.

Managing Opt-Out Requests: 

When a specific customer requests to opt out from further communication, it is important for businesses to respond promptly and professionally. Zoko offers features that allow you to add tags to customer profiles directly from the chat itself. By utilizing this functionality, you can easily add the relevant tag, such as OPT_OUT, to the customer's profile, indicating their opt-out status.

Exclusion from Broadcasts: 

Adding the OPT_OUT tag to a customer's profile plays a crucial role in excluding them from future marketing broadcasts. The tags serve as powerful identifiers that enable businesses to segment and target specific groups of customers. By ensuring that the exact tag OPT_OUT is added under the broadcast screen, you prevent them from receiving any marketing messages.

Flow Exclusions and Opt-Out Tags: 

Automated flows are designed to deliver specific messages or sequences of communication to customers based on predefined conditions. When a customer has the OPT_OUT tag added to their profile, it is important to configure flow conditions accordingly. By incorporating a condition in the flow that checks for the presence of the opt-out tag, businesses can ensure that the flow does not trigger for customers who have opted out. This helps to respect their preferences and avoid sending them unwanted messages.

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