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How to Set Your Billing Warning Thresholds to Ensure Proper Notifications

Learn how to set up the billing notifications step by step.

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When adding funds to your wallet, if you are unsure about when your balance will fall below a certain threshold, you can set up billing warning notifications (sent via both email and WhatsApp) to ensure you stay informed and don't miss topping up your wallet.

To do this:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Billing Notifications.

3. You can specify the desired amount here. In our case, we've set the threshold at $75, and if the balance falls below this amount, you will receive a notification.

4. Add your Email ID here.

5. Add your WhatsApp number with country code here.

6. You also have the option to add multiple email IDs and WhatsApp numbers by clicking on Add another recipient.

7. You can also remove the recipients by clicking on the Delete icon.

8. Click on Apply changes.

Always remember to hit the Apply changes button after making any changes or modifications.

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