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Understand the Shopify - WhatsApp Catalog Sync Time

Understanding how Shopify and WhatsApp catalog sync work.

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Understanding the sync time between WhatsApp and Shopify catalog is vital for your business. The 

  • Initial sync may take up to 48 hours, 
  • and subsequent daily syncs usually occur within 1 to 24 hours i.e., if you make a change on your website or the product inventory changes on Zoko catalog or your website, it will take anywhere between 1 to 24 hours for that change to sync between Zoko and your website.

In this article, we'll explore the sync timeline and how it impacts your business.

The Initial Sync: Up to 48 Hours

The initial sync sets the stage for your online storefront. During this phase, your product data is transferred from Shopify to your WhatsApp catalog, creating products for real-time updates.

Scenario: Imagine you've just launched your Shopify store and want to sync it with your WhatsApp catalog. If you have a large inventory of products, the initial sync may take up to 48 hours due to the substantial data transfer involved. However, if your inventory is relatively small, the sync can happen much faster.

Subsequent Daily Syncs: 1 to 24 Hours

Once the initial sync is complete, the subsequent daily syncs kick in and can happen anytime during the day. These daily syncs are like clockwork, ensuring that your WhatsApp catalog remains current and in sync with your Shopify store.

Scenario: Let's say you run a clothing store on Shopify, and you frequently update product listings, add new items, or adjust prices. Daily syncs ensure that these changes are rapidly reflected on your WhatsApp catalog, typically within 1 to 24 hours. For example, if you add a new line of winter coats to your Shopify store, your customers can see and order them within the day.

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