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All the Actions on Zoko You Can Achieve with FlowHippo

Understanding how you can use various action cards in your workflow.

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There are six types of action cards: message, open chat, close chat, assign chat, add the tag and remove the tag. We will cover the definition for each action and how you can use these action cards in your workflow.

Message: Message is the automated response in a workflow that triggers whenever the defined conditions are met. To set up the message you can choose a text message, a button message ,list message or even a template.

Open Chat: The open chat action is a great way to automate the function of initiating chats to your agents. This can be helpful if you have a lot of customers and want to ensure that they all get an opportunity to chat with an agent. This can be opened when the specific conditions are met or as the next step in the flow.

Close Chat: Close chat action helps to automate closing conversations. The chats can automatically be closed when your user’s conversations reach a certain point in the workflow. This is helpful in cases where you don’t want to continue the conversation with users after receiving a specific response in the flow.

Assign Chat: Assign chat helps assign a conversation to the right agent in the team without manual intervention. This can be done automatically based on the result of the journey of the customer in the workflow. You can create custom workflows for assigning tasks and automating responses to your customers.

Add Tag: You can automate the function of adding tags to user’s chats in order to organize them better. The tags will be added automatically to users as a result of the preset conditions being fulfilled or based on responses to any of the subflows. For example, A tag can automatically be added to all the incoming queries containing a keyword shipping, incase the team wants to filter by this tag to see these conversations later.

Remove Tag: The Remove Tag action allows you to automate the function of removing a tag from your user’s chat on the Zoko dashboard that was added earlier. This triggers when a specific condition is met or as the next step in the workflow

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