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Recommended Aspect Ratio for Images in Whatsapp Messages

The recommended aspect ratio is 1.91:1 for uploading an image on the Whatsapp template for optimal resolution. If you don’t use this ratio, the image of the WhatsApp template might show with strange cropping, zooming on WhatsApp.

The recommended aspect ratio for Whatsapp templates is 1.91:1

Image Sample of Aspect ratio 1.91:1
Image Sample of Aspect ratio 1.91:1

Here is a sample image link in that aspect ratio that you can download and re-use: https://cdn.live.zoko.io/store/customers/d8aafa81-3470-483f-bdb2-c6466bc8176a-zo-ko-image+template.png

Learn more about Aspect ratios: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aspect_ratio_(image)

Learn more about Media sizes support on Whatsapp template.

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