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Top Reasons Why Broadcasts Fail?

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Wrong Phone Number Format

The correct phone number format is country code followed by the 10-digit phone. 


  • for India (country code +91). Enter the number as 91xxxxxxxxxx
  • For Germany (country code +49). Enter the phone number as 49xxxxxxxxxx


  • Make sure to remove any leading 0s or special calling codes.
  • All phone numbers in Argentina (country code "54") should have a "9" between the country code and area code. The prefix "15" must be removed so the final number will have 13 digits total: +54 9 XXX XXX XXXX
  • Phone numbers in Mexico (country code "52") need to have "1" after "+52", even if they're Nextel numbers.

Not using the given excel template file for that specific template

When doing a broadcast by importing a file, do not use any other file other than the template file provided specifically for that template

The number is not on whatsapp

If you attempt to send a message to a number that does not have an active whatsapp account, the message will fail.

The media file size is too big.

Refer to our article on Maximum Media File size to know more about file size. Even though you are providing only a link, the target file should meet the media size requirements.

Exceeded Daily Tier limits.

Refer to our article of Tier Limits to know more.

Sending Video Broadcasts.

Video broadcasts are not supported by Zoko at the moment

Missing variables.

All variables are required. If a variable is asked for in the given template, then it is required. 

Changing or Deleting the first row. 

Make sure you use the dedicated templates provided and don't delete or change the first row. 

Deleting Columns. 

Do not delete any columns from the given template file 

Media URL is not correct. 

Makes sure you provide a publicly available URL link. Simply use the Zoko Link creator app to create a link for your broadcasts. Refer to our article Zoko link creator app to know how to create media links. 

Keywords: No valid contact, Message template arguments missing, Invalid format, Invalid request error, Media format unsupported, Format error.

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