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How to Find Your Billing Usage Reports

Learn more about your billing usage reports on Zoko dashboard.

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You can access your monthly usage breakdown through the dashboard's credits usage reports. This detailed report offers insights into how your balance is being utilized. It provides comprehensive information on your balance consumption, allowing you to track and manage your resources effectively.

To do this:

1. Go to Settings.

2. Click on Credits Usage Reports.

3. Choose the month for which you want to view the usage report from the dropdown menu.

4. To see the detailed monthly breakdown of your balance consumption, click the dropdown menu.

There are four options in the usage reports, each serving a specific purpose. Here's an explanation of each option:

Starting Credits/Balance: The total amount you have in your wallet at the beginning of the month.

Credits Added/Top ups: This shows the amount you manually or automatically added to your wallet. Reviewing the monthly report allows you to track how many times you topped up your wallet.

Credits Used/Usage: It will show you where your wallet balance is being used and how much amount you have spent on notifications, conversations and also broadcast messages.

Ending Credits/Balance: This reflects the total net residual balance in your account at the end of the selected month. It gives you an overview of your remaining balance after all transactions and expenses.

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