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To use Business WhatsApp, Does the SIM card Need to be Active? Does the Phone have to be Charged Always?

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Yes, You need an active sim card with that number, regardless of whether it is in the same phone or not. We require a one-time OTP, which will be sent by Whatsapp at the time of account activation. Once the OTP works, you can use that sim card on any other phone or keep it at home, but make sure that your sim card is recharged and active in order to receive the otp and save time. We recommend that you send a test message first and see if you receive a test message on that number. If the SIM card for this number is not active, you will not receive the otp and we will be unable to activate your account.

You do not have to charge your phone on a regular basis, we only require a one-time otp, which will be sent to your active sim card. You can remove the sim card once the otp is operational.


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