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How to Edit the Name of a Contact

Learn 2 ways of editing a contact's name

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The easiest way to edit the name of an existing contact would be to

1. Go to the chat of the contact whose name you want to edit.

contact  chat

2. At the top right, click on the Profile tab and then click on the edit name button.

profile tab

3. Now type the new name and click save changes.

save changes

Alternatively, you can also change the names from Organization settings to. This is more helpful if you wish to edit the name of a contact whose chat is not easily accessible and list view would help more. To do this:

1. Go to the menu on the top right and click on organization settings.

organization settings

2. Click on Contacts on the left. Here you can look for a contact based on name, date added or tags.

Contacts tab

3. Select the customer whose name you want to edit, click on the three-dot option and click on edit.

three-dot option

4. Edit the name and click on the save changes button. The name will be changed.

save changes

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